Falling in Love with the Greener Side of Life

As I mentioned in my last blog post, Who Wants to be a Tree-llionare with Greenpop, I am taking part in a competition to win a trip to Trees for Zambia with GreenPOP (read… Continue reading

Who Wants to be a Tree-llianare with Greenpop

I’ve always had hippy tendencies, they don’t always come out, but they are definitely there. I love nature, I’m generally quite chilled and live the ‘just go with it’ life motto pretty well.… Continue reading

Stepping into the Countryside, without Stepping too Far

Living in Johannesburg, South Africa, means busy days, traffic, city lifestyles, bright lights and a diary that just doesn’t seem to clear. There is always so much to see and do in the… Continue reading

Photos: Spotted in Kruger National Park

I love the bush. It’s the best place to go and just forget about civilization for a few days, or even hours. Driving through the bush with nothing on your mind but trying… Continue reading

Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra

Music is one of those things in life that I often take for granted. I listen to it everyday, I have my favourite songs and artists and I love going to live gigs,… Continue reading

Peddling Through Soweto

A few weeks ago I went on a bicycle tour through Soweto, I was representing Traveldudes to do a review of the tour as well as Lebo’s Soweto Backpacker’s who run the tour.… Continue reading

SANDEMAN’s NEW Europe Tours: The Best Tours in Europe

I’m sure I’ve admitted this before on this blog: I’m a bit of cheap skate at times. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t mind paying the price for decent services/products etc., but… Continue reading

Photo Essay: Graffiti Stickers Across Europe

An expression of yourself? Sending a message to society? Trying to rebel? Creating a bit of humour? There are so many reasons for graffiti stickers, and so many different kinds being stuck on… Continue reading

4 Reasons to Love Joburg City Festival

Shucks but Jozi is getting cooler by the day. The Joburg City Festival is proof of our ‘coolness’. From 25-31 August (yes, that’s next week) the Joburg inner city is going to be… Continue reading

Surviving a Flood in Prague

I survived a flood in Prague. Okay, I wasn’t really in any real danger, but it’s still fun to say. It makes my rain drenched Eurotrip sound much more exciting. After spending three days… Continue reading