Oyster, Wine and Food Festival

Two of my favourite things: Wine and Food (leave out the oyster part). This past weekend held the Oyster, Food and Wine Festival at Brightwater Commons, Randburg. This is the third year in a row that I have attended this festival, and I must say it is getting bigger and bigger each year. Each year more wine, more oysters, more cheese, more olives, more everything. This year even had more entertainment, having a small stage set up for some bands to create the ambiance.Image

The entrance is free. All you have to do is pay R25 for your wine glass and you are free to sample as many wines as you like. And believe me there are more than enough to try. We hadn’t even made our way around the first group of tables before I started feeling a little buzzed.

Apart from the wonderful selection of wines from vineyards across the country there is the most amazing selection of food. From different types of cheese, to olives, to jams, to cupcakes, to coldmeats, sausages, biltong, fudge, humus….and it goes on. Everything absolutely delicious. Walking around the tent and sampling bits here and there is enough to fill you up for lunch. Although we did go back to get some fried haloumi and Polish sausages with fresh bread.


Overall a fun day enjoying some of the luxuries in life. Make it your mission to get there next year – it usually happens around the first weekend of June.


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