Pizza please :)


Greeted with a shot of sherry to warm the bones on a freezing winters day, Titolino’s in Clearwater Mall is not your usual Italian restaurant. Yes, they have pizza and pasta and a variety of other dishes that you would expect at an Italian restaurant, but the variety is what makes them unique.

The pizza menu has some very interesting flavours: bacon and blue cheese, roast lamb, prawn and peaches and various other different but mouth watering flavours. We were seated quite near the kitchen and the smells coming out were enough to make us ravenous by the time our meal arrived. I had the bacon and blue cheese pizza which was very tasty. The blue cheese was not over-powering, just enough so that you could taste it in every odd bite.

Besides being situated in a shopping mall right by the entrance, you don’t get the feeling of being in the middle of a mad rush while sitting inside. There are a few tables outside, which are more in the mall. However there are more private tables inside as well as a cosy upstairs section. The staff were very friendly and efficient, providing an enjoyable meal.

If you have children, they are able to make their own pizzas – which could be quite fun. Kids love getting involved, and this will give them some entertainment for a bit 🙂

Titolino’s Clearwater Mall

Contact: 011 675 5212



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