Internship at DESTINY and DESTINYMAN


For the past three weeks I have been working at the DESTINY offices as an intern. I have been working in the digital section, therefore writing articles for the websites of both publications. During these three weeks I have learnt so much and have had such great opportunities and learning experiences. From being in this environment I am now one hundred percent sure that media is the field that I want to go into. It is an exciting industry and I can’t wait to fully be in it.

During these three weeks I have been able to have had a few articles published on the two websites. Here are the links:

Colour psychology in your office

The dangers of Wi-Fi

Kitchen hygiene can prevent serious illness

3 things to do on Youth Day

The therapy of cleaning

Best and worst countries to be a woman

Zuma and Sexwale not favoured by the youth

How do deal with problem tenants

South Africans are grumpy

Business women of the year launching Success Summit

Proposed anti-smoking regulations

Teenage girls on the pill

Saving the rhinos

Google Endangered Languages Project

Floyd Mayweather and Kristen Stewart top earners

Green Heart Awards presented

Sexual problems can lead to health issues

Providing latest gadgets to employees

Uncovering Pompe disease

Mozambique trade fair

Being respected improves your happiness 

South Africa not as peaceful as five years ago

New weight-loss pill

New self-empowerment website for women

Being a mother and having a career

Food and wine pairing evenings


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