Fête De La Musique

This past Saturday (29 June) the residents association of Melville hosted Fête De La Musique on 7th Avenue in Melville. This was a festival inspired by the French and was said to celebrate French culture and music. However….we did not notice too much Frenchness going on.

The vibe was amazing, true Joburg style of people from all works of life gathering on one street to have a good time. The whole of 7th Avenue was blocked off, the restaurants all spilled out onto the street with tables and couches set up for visitors to sit back and enjoy the goings on.

Many African style stalls set up along the street selling bits and pieces

The few shops along the street also had some bits and bobs out on the street for sale, creating a sort of flea market vibe. Of course being in Melville you were sure to find some interesting goodies.

Various bands were performing in each of the restaurants, gathering crowds along the street where some pretty unique sounds came out. I was expecting a bit more French music but nonetheless the music was awesome and really got the vibe going.

Festival goers strolled up and down the street listening to music coming out from the restaurants and bars

Booze was flowing freely, Mojitos seemed to be the order of the day. If you couldn’t find place to settle down in a restaurant or bar (it was quite busy) then you could take your drink with you to wonder up and down the street interacting with the fascinating bunch that this festival pulled in.

Enjoying a delicious cocktail at Six bar – think this was called a ‘Supermodel’

The weather was wonderful, you would never have thought it was the end of June, providing for an overall much enjoyed day. Joburg needs more festivals like this, nothing like an excuse to gather with fellow Joburgers to drink and be merry.


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