New Girl – a tv show like no other

Every now and then a tv series pops up that I become slightly obsessed with. The latest one being New Girl (among a few others). I love New Girl not only because it is hilari (if you watch New Girl you will understand what hilari is) but it inspires me to live and be slightly crazy.

The main character Jess (played by Zooey Deschanel) is quirky, cute and does the strangest things. She sings while she does random tasks, wears a LOT of colours and has an interesting way of seeing the world.

This quote from her basically sums up how she lives:

So while Jess inspires the inner CrAzYYYYy in me….Schmidt (played by Max Greenfield) is my favourite character. Every episode he leaves me in tears – at times on the floor in tears. Tears of laughter in case you were wondering.

Quote from Schmidt:

He says the most random things that I could not even begin to describe.

Here are a few more quotes from New Girl:

Are you a fellow New Girl fan? Share your favourite characters and quotes 🙂


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