The mayhem of Oppi Koppi

We got dirty, slept very little, met the weirdest/most awesome bunch of people, put out fires, wondered around in dust, climbed up koppies, danced our faces off, rocked out and had the most epically crazy weekend. Oppi Koppi came and brought with it mayhem.

Oppi Koppi is (I would think) South Africa’s biggest music festival.  For three nights thousands (this year 20 000) of people of all ages, races, cultures, sub cultures and hairstyles gather in the middle of nowhere to have one huge party. This middle of nowhere is in Northam, Limpopo – about two and a half hours from Joburg. It is literally a farm that comprises of one koppie (a hill), thorn trees and more dust than you could ever imagine. This sounds close to what hell could be like….but amazingly you tend to just get on with life and find the dust to be a big talking point for the weekend.

Throughout the weekend there was a constant flow of live bands and djs performing on the various stages. The line up this year was awesome. There were so many bands that it was actually tricky to plan your day around where to be at what time. There was of course lots of alcohol involved which does not help with this planning. Nonetheless the bands that we managed to see were all amazing. My top three would be Seether, Jeremy Loops and Desmond and the Tutu’s.

If we weren’t jamming to bands then we were probably hustling for freebies, taking photos in the photos booths or chilling out at camp. There was always something on the go and always people involved in something. I honestly don’t know how some of them sustained their energy throughout the weekend.

This was my second Oppi Koppi experience and I was still amazed by the bunch of people that are attracted to this festival. Never have I seen such a diverse group of people gathered in one place. Wandering around the roads you will spot the craziest outfits, most epic hairstyles and friendly people who are always up for a party. Yes there are quite a few drunk people (more as the day goes on…), but they are handleable and generally happy drunk.

The only thing that I didn’t really enjoy this year was that it has just gotten SO big. 20 000 people is a lot of people and it just seemed to make things very crowded. I hope that they don’t make it any bigger.

Sadly my camera stayed in the car for the duration of the festival so I don’t have any pics to show. Which I am quite cross with myself for. What kind of blogger am I??? My friend did take quite a few pics…so will have to steal them from her.


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