Fordsburg – the spice route

Fordsburg is a suburb in Johannesburg, mostly comprised of the Indian community. This past weekend I joined in on a walk through Fordsburg to learn more about what goes on there.

What I learnt is that if you are looking for any kind of spice – Fordsburg is the place to go. You will also find herbal medicine shops, vegetable shops/side walk markets, butcheries, sweet shops, barbers, hairdressors, clothing shops, material shops, and food, food and food. Most of the products available in Fordsburg are imported from India or other Asian countries. The quality is good and the prices are even better.

The streets are generally kept quite clean and the buildings give you the whole ‘city’ feeling with high rise (not too high though) buildings, with shops along the sidewalks. There are many people walking around the streets as well as driving. If you go on a weekend you are likely to get yourself stuck in a traffic jam, it gets very busy with everyone wanting to go in different directions. Quite manic at times.

I think that the best way to describe Fordsburg is through photographs, so here are a few to show the different parts of Fordsburg.

I tried a different kind of editing, just to give them a ‘funky’ look. Click on the image to make it bigger.

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