Bring on the wrinkles

So many people fear getting older. Some point in your twenties you are supposed to suddenly start dreading your birthday – like it is the day that marks your next step closer to the end. The end of what I ask? I see each birthday rather as the start of my next chapter in life. Yes you are turning a year older, so it is the end of a certain age but you should rather look at it as the beginning of your next age. The beginning of new things that come with this new age.

Birthdays are feared because it means that you are getting older. I understand why people fear this as it means that you are no longer able to do certain things or that your time is getting shorter to accomplish all of your dreams and tick off that bucket list. But I have started to realise that growing older is one of the most beautiful things in life. With age comes maturity, wisdom, experience and so many great memories.

I stand here at my fresh age of 22, at the very beginning of my life and I am looking forward to what is to come in my next 60 or so years (hopefully). I will admit to occasionally yearning for my teenage years when life was carefree and responsibilities were few. But I look back on these days and remember how each thing I have done has shaped me into who I am today. That is another great thing of aging – with each experience you grow and develop your character.

Each decade in your life is a new chapter. A chapter to be enjoyed and cherished. Your twenties can be seen as your exploration age. For the next eight years I see myself travelling around the world, doing a few stupid and crazy things, making mistakes and finding where my place is in this life. Then will come my thirties where it may be time to start settling down, having a stable job and starting a family of my own. My forties will be great. I would have distinguished myself in my career, or possibly started a new career venture – who knows. As each decade starts new possibilities will open up. And new chances to create great memories.

I am looking forward to growing old and experiencing everything that comes with it. Each wrinkle that I gain on the way will be a sign that I have lived. A sign that I have gone through hardships and survived them and a sign that I have laughed, smiled and lived a full life. That is why I say bring on the wrinkles – I will not take them away with botox or face-lifts. Each and every wrinkle would have been earned and I will be proud of them.

I am hoping to be the fifty year old who proudly announces my age as it is an accomplishment to get there. I will own my age. I will not be ashamed of getting older. It is a natural thing in life – one of the things that everyone has to go through. There’s no hiding from it, so rather just accept it with open arms and celebrate each birthday with a bigger party than the last.


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