The life and times of a hipster in Jozi

Hipster: Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter (Urban dictionary).

Joburg has seen a new sub-culture emerge in the last few years.  Hipsters are taking over the streets – the inner city streets to be exact. There is an influx of hipsters into the inner city, bringing with them organic food, Indie music, craft beer, Vespa’s, and a care free lifestyle. And most of all fashion, fashion, and fashion – your average hipster is incredibly fashionable without meaning to be. The way I see hipster fashion is just throwing on any odd outfit with one arbitrary piece and voila – your an awesome hipster!

Hipsters enjoying the delicious food and drinks on the rooftop of the Neighbourgoods Market

Hipsters also enjoy going to markets on the weekend. One in particular is the Neighbourgoods Market on 73 Juta Street in Braamfontein. This market is the rendezvous spot for all hipsters in Jozi. I went along on Saturday morning to see what these guys get up to and more importantly what are they wearing??

While browsing around this market – after I calmed down from the excitement of all the delicious food on sale, I realised that there is no distinct type of fashion that hipsters wear. There are the usual few items that seem quite popular, but generally being a hipster means that you follow your own fashion rules. You wear what you like and you make it look awesome.

A mix match of clothes sold at the Neighbourgoods Market

A hipster will want to be the only person wearing a particular type of outfit. To do this you need to go shopping in vintage shops, or markets like this one where they sell a mix match of different items. Chain stores are a big NO NO, those clothes are far too generic and a REAL hipster would never even think about shopping at a chain store – besides for buying a few stable clothing items like strappy T’s.

Second hand clothes from a Vintage shop on Juta Street

There are quite a few very random pieces of clothing that if you see in a shop you would never look twice at it. Yet a hipster will pick up this piece of clothing and see the most amazing outfit with it. It is all about how you pull your outfit together.

The casual, care free look of a hipster

As mentioned earlier there is often one piece of clothing that will make a statement. Like the jersey that this girl on the right is wearing. Patterned clothes seem to be the fashion this season. Be it a patterned jersey or patterned jeans. It is important to note that when wearing a patterned piece the rest of the outfit should be plain.

For the guys a funky hat will make any drab outfit hipster fresh

The accessories are then also very important. They should be kept at a minimum. Oversized bags, scarves, headbands, hats, earings, necklaces, and funky sunglasses are popular choices. The more low-key yet completely unique the better.

Button earings, a take on the seventies look

The whole see-through glasses is oh so hipster

A hipster couple

Hipsters love to gather together, by pairing up with another hipster you will be even more hipster. On the right is your average hipster couple. While the girl is dressed more hipster than the guy in this photo they pull of ‘hipster ctouple’ quite well. The girl is wearing a funky fashionable outfit and her boyfriend is wearing a more plain yet still fashionable outfit. What makes them look so great is that both of their outfits seem effortless. They look good together without having to try very hard.

There are some fashion pointers that hipsters will take from mainstream fashion. This season for example is all about pastel colours which are quite popular among the hipsters. They will of course add their own flair to it, by throwing on a leather jacket or adding some accessories.

Some pastel coloured items that will bring in some mainstream fashion into a hipsters wardrobe

A perfectly pulled together look. A pastel coloured top under a leather jacket paired with cute white shorts and cowboy boots.











To be a fashionable hipster it is not only about pulling together the perfect look with your clothes. Being a hipster is a whole lifestyle. It means hanging out at the right places with the right people and enjoying your life to the max. You will be schmoozing around with all the other creatives in Jozi and popping into all kinds of uber cool places.

Zooting around the Jozi streets

Now to make sure that you always look hipster ready even when you are travelling the city streets going from one hipster party to the next – you need to get yourself a Vespa.  This will be your city run around tool and you will make all the other hipsters so jealous when you whizz past them sitting in a side-walk cafe.

So that is the life and times of a hipster in Jozi. The number one lesson that I learned while studying this group is that all you need is to a little bit different from the rest of the crowd – that may be with your outfit, the way you speak, the music you listen to, the job you do, the places you frequent or the food you eat. A hipster life is a pretty chilled lifestyle, they take in the world around them and have the balls to do new things. All of this while looking super fab in an outfit that looks like it was pulled together in 5 minutes.

I like this fashion style and may start collecting my few signature pieces that will add a bit of hipster into any outfit.


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