Rags and Lace – Second Hand Clothing Shop

My last few weeks have been taken over completely by my honours studies. I have had hardly any time to do anything else besides varsity related stuff. Today I have been able to take a little bit of a breather and have decided to take this opportunity to do some blogging and fill you in on an awesome shop that I found.

While doing research for an article about the growing popularity in shopping in second hand shops I found an awesome second hand clothing shop in Joburg. It’s called Rags and Lace. It is in Craighall Park, on Jan Smuts Avenue opposite the Colony Centre.

Rags and Lace second hand clothing shop in Craighall Park

Rags and Lace is a higher end second hand clothing shop that sells clothes from across the range, price wise. They have more affordable clothes such as the Woolworths brand all the way up to very expensive international brands such as Armani. Other brands that I noticed in the store include Diesel, 7s Jeans, Hip Hop, Levi’s, Forever New, Tommy Hilfigure, Anna Sousa, Chanel, Hilton Weiner and many more. These clothes are all high quality and in good condition – some even look brand new except for the much more appealing price tag.

The price of the clothes are generally sold at a quarter of the price you would pay for it brand new. This is amazing. You can find real treasures in this shop at such amazing prices. I was speaking to a customer in Rags and Lace who frequently shops at second hand clothing shops and she said that she once found real Jimmy Choo shoes for R895 as well as a Mui Mui hand bag for R750. I couldn’t believe the bargains that you can get here.

The items sold at Rags and Lace include jeans, pants, skirts, tops (formal and casual), jackets (denim, leather, coats…), dresses (casual, cocktail and beautiful evening dresses), shoes, belts, hats, jewellery, and bags. The type of people who generally bring in clothes to sell are stylish people who are just bored of these clothes or never found a use for them. There’s that saying…one man’s junk is another man’s treasure…this definitely applies to second hand clothing shops.

Some gorgeous dresses

There are many different styles of evening dresses in all colours and sizes. If the dress you find isn’t in your size it is simple enough to get it tailored and it will still work out MUCH cheaper than buying it new.

Shoes – mostly evening shoes but the occasional casual shoes

I don’t enjoy spending a lot of money on belts, so these would be perfect for me. Just make sure that they are too worn

If you are into vintage fashion then you are likely to find some vintage items to fall in love with

The bags amazed me the most. Chanel…for under R500

The atmosphere at Rags and Lace is amazing. The manager Mathilda is absolutely wonderful and always up for a chat as well as giving some fashion advice. She makes the shop seem homely and welcoming. You get the feeling that there are many regulars to the shop who come in just to see Mathilda and catch up on what’s been going on.

Before I started with this story I wasn’t so keen on shopping in second hand clothing stores. But I have been converted. I did learn one thing though, always try on the clothes before you buy them. While it may be your size, the item has been worn and washed a few times so it is possible that it has stretched or shrunk. I unfortunately bought two items (both for R60) – one is too big and one is too small. But I have learnt and will remember to be more scrutinous next time I shop there.




2 thoughts on “Rags and Lace – Second Hand Clothing Shop

    • Hi Sasha…I’m not involved with buying and selling second hand clothes. This is just a blog post that I wrote about Rags and Lace cos I thought they were cool. Try contact them directly.

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