Jeremy Loops in Jozi

Jeremy Loops

Today I would like to share my favourite South African musician with you guys. His name is Jeremy Loops (his website is under construction, but hopefully ups soon) and he is so incredibly awesome.

I first encountered Jeremy Loops at Sowing the Seeds festival last year February and fell in love. His songs, ‘New Shoes‘ and ‘Mission to the sun‘ were festival hits and we all found ourselves singing the words long after his performance. When back in Joburg I pulled out my finest stalking abilities and tracked this musical wonder down.

I found him on Soundcloud (have a listen. Fall in love. Thank me later) as well as Facebook and became hooked. I downloaded his music (he gives it for free on Soundcloud) and could not stop listening. New Shoes is even my ringtone.

I have since seen Jeremy Loops three more times in the last year and every performance leaves me happy. His music does that to you. Makes you happy. Makes you smile. And cheers up any kind of bad day.

A few weeks ago he was back in Jozi for two shows and did this awesome song for BalconyTV Jozi. So I thought I had to share the love. While Jeremy Loops is a Cape Townian, we love that he came up to Jozi and performed for us.

Have a look at this clip. It’s a song from his upcoming album, Down South.

What do you think? A new Jeremy Loops fan yet?


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