Little Asia in Joburg

Asian persuasion seems to be taking over Joburg, actually the whole of South Africa. Every little shopping centre or sidewalk shopping strip has a Chinese clothing shop in it. There are more China Towns spread across Joburg than I can count, with new ones seeming to pop up almost monthly.

We love them, they are cheap. And while the quality does leave much to be desired about, most of the stuff that we buy from these shops have a short interest to them anyway. So once they break we are most probably bored of it, so no sad feelings.

While there are so many random clothes, gadgets, cookware and everything else under the sun shops all around Joburg, it is hard to find a good Asian food shop. Where we can buy all the secret and bizarre ingredients that make up tasty Chinese or Thai food.

A few weeks ago I went on a walking tour through Cyrildene, where there is a street dedicated to the Chinese. They have shops, restaurants, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable stalls and even a Buddhist temple. Absolutely any ingredient that you can think of will be sold somewhere along this street and at amazing prices.

If you are ever missing a few ingredients required from your Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Indonesian or other Asian cooking book take a trip into Cyrildene. You will no doubt find it there.

Go through this gallery for a few pictures of the street and what I found.

Click the first image to enlarge and open up the gallery.


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