A trip to Pretoria


Today I ventured into Pretoria. I have been there a few times, but never really done the touristy things. So today we spontaneously decided to go do the ‘history run’ while we were there.

So off we went to The Union Buildings and The Voortreker Monument. I actually can’t believe that I’ve never been before. Both spots held such strong history, beauty and character. I am glad that I went.

The Voortreker Monument was especially interesting. It holds a lot of South Africa’s history.


The gardens in front of The Union Building. Overlooking Pretoria


A monument in honour of policemen who have died in duty. Names from as early as the 1930s up until 2012


The Union Building


Canon at The Union Building


Statue of Barry Hertzog. South Africa's first prime minister.


At The Union Building


The Voortreker Monument


The wagons at the Union Building


The point where the light shines into the monument every year on 16 December.


The view from the top of the Voortreker Monument

Overall a great day in the capital.


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