Enjoy the Classics with Air Cinema Club

Watching a movie under the Jozi stars. Photograph provided by Air Cinema Club

Watching a movie under the Jozi stars. Photograph provided by Air Cinema Club

Watching a good movie is more than just the movie itself. It’s the whole experience of the movie. It’s the anticipation before the movie, the moments during the movie, the post movie conversations and it’s the memories you create around that particular story.

It’s about reliving the experience, sharing your favourite lines, debating the meaning behind the scenes or drooling over the sexy cast members. Watching a movie has the potential to be so much more than just 90 minutes of entertainment. And that is exactly what Air Cinema Club is doing.

“We want to reignite the cinema going culture. We don’t have drive-in’s anymore and going to the cinema is no longer social. We want to create the old school bioscope feel, to make watching a movie social again,” says Matshepo Maja, co-founder of Air Cinema Club.

Air Cinema Club is one of Jozi’s newest social clubs centred around making the cinema experience more exciting by hosting open air screenings deep in the heart of the Joburg city, namely on the rooftop of the Neighbourgoods market in Braamfontein (they will be moving around).

The club was started by Matshepo Maja and Jamie Ramsay, who are both involved in the film industry. Matshepo is a freelance production manager and Jamie is a director of photography and producer for his own company Black Irish. Both have been involved in some great South African productions.

“We felt like there was an open gap between the urban market and really good social events. A type of event that is not just a big party, but somewhere people can attend to meet other people and explore their city,” says Matshepo.

“With Air Cinema Club you get to come, sit on a bean bag, enjoy some food and drinks and watch a great classic movie. It’s a social cinema experience.”

The events happen on the last Thursday of every month, with more frequent events on the cards when summer rolls around. They open their doors at 6pm where you can walk in, grab your bean bag and set up your spot. Then you are free to go off and buy a tasty meal, top up your drink (with belly warming gluwein while the air is chilly) and muse around with your friends. Bottomless popcorn is included in your ticket, so you are free to top up whenever your stomach calls. You can then just chill out and enjoy an awesome movie, under the Joburg stars with your favourite people around you.

“We choose movies that are the old classics, the cult movies. It’s the movies that you watched while you were growing up and have a specific memory with it,” says Matshepo. “The movies are chosen though collaboration with Play Braamfontein as well as asking the public on our social media platforms. After our first event we got a lot of requests for a horror movie, so at our second event we showed The Shining.”

The Club

Since Air Cinema Club is still a new development they are still working on the actual ‘club’ concept. Right now they are focusing on their events and spreading the word through an underground movement. Eventually you will be able to join the club as a member.

Members of Air Cinema Club will then get together where they discuss the movies that are shown, they can write reviews for their website and will be privy to a few ‘secret screenings’. Among other awesome things I’m sure.

The whole idea is to bring the movie culture alive. To get people remembering the classics and what movies they have the best memories with – what they watched on their first date, the movie that inspired them to start dance classes, the movie that gave them nightmares for a month, or the movie that gets the tears rolling each time.

If you love watching movies and you love getting social in the city of Jozi, check out the next Air Cinema Club event. Let them bring out the inner movie loving socialite in you!

Follow them on Twitter: @AirCinemaClubSA

Or Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AirCinemaClubSA


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