Body Worlds Expo: Why it is worth it

Image taken from Camera’s weren’t allowed into the expo so I couldn’t take my own photo’s

Ok, I know I am jumping onto this bandwagon very late. In the last week in fact. The Body Worlds Expo has been on since March in Johannesburg, and luckily they extended it for an extra month, otherwise I wouldn’t have made it.

I’ve been meaning to go to the expo since April, but it was just one of those things when there was always something on the weekend, then I was away for 5 weeks and came back to a mad house. So when I heard that they had extended it I was very relieved.

I went yesterday to check it out and really enjoyed it.

After having heard quite a few stories about the expo from people who had already been, I expected great things and it definitely lived up to all of the hype that it’s been getting. I must say though, I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t already heard so much about it – as the shock value just isn’t the same when you are expecting it.

You are taken on a journey of your own body. A part of your body that you have never seen before, never really thought about before and a part that you have taken for granted. Let’s be honest, who of you have really ever thought about what your kidneys really look like? Or what happens to your liver after you went on a binge drinking weekend? We generally push those thoughts aside as they are uncomfortable. We leave them to deal with when the time comes, and that time is usually when it’s too late. It’s when we are told we have an infection, a virus, a disease or something else horrific has happened.

The insides of our body are what keeps us alive and kicking, yet we don’t really know what’s really going on inside there. Well at least I didn’t know. The basics yes, we learn’t that in Biology class at school. But did you know how many tiny blood vessels are surrounding your brain? A lot. And what it looks like to have a hip replacement? Seeing the actual metal bits inside the hip. It’s amazing.

We may know the facts, but seeing it makes it so much more real. You really get a true appreciation of the human body and the wonders of how it works. As well as an understanding of how fragile the human body can be. We are made up of some really intricate little pieces that can so easily go wrong. And man, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Another amazing part of the expo was the development of the foetus in a mothers womb. Wow. You get to see each stage of the foetus as it is growing, from a tiny bean type shape to slowly developing little hands and feet. You can actually see the shape of the baby as early as 4 weeks, even earlier. I think this is a very worthwhile thing for everyone to see, especially for expecting parents. It”s such a beautiful experience to see how the baby is developing in the womb. Turning into a little human.

So besides a few queasy moments here and there, the Body Worlds Expo was really interesting. I can’t say enjoyable, but very interesting indeed. And extremely worthwhile. If you are interested in your body, and what is going on under your skin, you should definitely go. You will gain a deeper understanding your body and learn how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. Seeing the colour of a smokers lung will get you quitting the bad habit much faster than all the lectures you get from the non-smokers around you.

Here is a video that shows a little bit about the expo:

The Body Worlds Expo is on at the Sci-Bono centre in Newtown until 21 July 2013. This is the last weekend that it’s on so make sure you book tickets early to get a spot. You can buy tickets at Webticket, click here.


Adults: R140.00 per person
Concessions (Seniors 60+/ Students 18+): R110.00 per person
Children (Ages 6-17): R90.00 per person
Children (Ages 5 and younger): Free
Family Tickets (2 Adults & 2 Children): R400.00


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