Enjoy a Feast with FEAST Food and Wine Club

Feast food and wine club A good glass of Merlot paired perfectly with just the right canapé is what many people live for. It’s their love of good food and fantastic wine that brings a smile to their face. Feast Food and Wine Club are bringing many smiles to many faces with food and wine, and in more ways than one.

The idea behind the Feast Food and Wine Club was to start a club that is fun and fresh all while giving something back to the culinary industry. Since May 2009 Feast has been donating all of the money that they raise through their events to the Dr Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Study Assistance Fund.

This fund gives bursaries to young students who want to study culinary arts but don’t have the financial means to do so.

“So far we have funded 8 students with bursaries, and hope to fund 4 more this year,” says Franck Deroche, Chairman of Feast.

Feast describes themselves as a ‘gathering-point for a group of vibrant, curious and innovative people in the South African environment’. Each event that Feast holds is centred on a different theme, has a different menu, features a different wine and is at a different venue.

“For the members of the club and the people who attend our events, it’s all about the experience. The experience of eating great and original food. Trying food and wines that they’ve never tried before, while networking with each other. And doing something good in the process,” says Franck.

“We are all in it for the love of the game.”

Franck originally hails from France and has been living in South Africa for 9 years. With his history in working for the French Embassy, then for a company importing French wine, then a travel company and now currently at an event company, it is no wonder why he is the chairman of a food and wine club.

“I have always had an interest in good food and wine. I’ve also always loved organising events in my personal capacity, and I enjoy sharing moments with people and being social,” says Franck. “I also love doing something for charity.”

Feast remains involved with all of the students that receive the bursaries through their donations. The committee members receive regular reports on the students to monitor their progress. Franck says that so far they have all done very well. In 2011 they had one of their first students cooking for them at one of the events.

“Our aim is to one day host an event at a restaurant where one of the students that we funded is the chef,” says Franck.

Feast has many big dreams for the future, they currently have about 50 members and are hoping to grow much bigger. Being a member of the club means that you receive priority for all of the events as well as getting discounts, vouchers and specials from a few great businesses. Benefits include discounts for Yuppie Chef and a monthly freebie from Braeside Butchery among others.

The upcoming events look to be getting even more exciting. With a Bastille Day event, a golf day, cooking experiences, open air screenings and a mask ball on the cards, Feast is sure to attract more and more food and wine loving Joburgers.

Keep an eye out for their next event and satisfy your craving for delicious food, sensual wine and the best company in the city. All while helping train South Africa’s next best chef.


Email: info@feast.co.za

Facebook: Feast Food and Wine Club


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