Top Coffee Spots in Joburg

Motherland Coffee

Motherland Coffee

A cup of coffee can be many things. It can be your early morning pick me up, something to share with a friend over a good gossip catch up, a way to break the ice in a business meeting, or just something that warms your tummy and leaves you with a happy heart. A cup of coffee can have great power. As long as it’s a good cuppa.

I have only recently started drinking coffee. For years I have longed to be one of those ‘cool coffee drinkers’. When you don’t drink coffee yourself, looking at the folk that say ‘Man I could do with a good cup of coffee right now’ can leave you with a slight pang of jealousy. I’m really not sure why but ordering a cup of tea just doesn’t seem to have much street cred.

I have always loved the idea of coffee, but it used to send my stomach in a knot turning frenzy after only one cup. I stayed clear of it for years. Until we got a cappuccino making machine in the office…

I was hooked, it was delicious. And somehow my stomach has grown up and can handle the ‘cool hot drink’. I’m now a proud coffee drinker. Well only on occasion…and mostly just cappuccino’s. I’m growing up slowly.

So now that I am a coffee drinker, I know need to be on the lookout for great coffee spots. Here are a few spots around Joburg that will serve you a decent cuppa as well as a great atmosphere to enjoy it in.


Motherland Coffee

Coffee connoisseurs are sure to have heard of Motherland Coffee, it is truly one of Africa’s greatest coffee blends. Their coffee house in The Zone in Rosebank is where you can enjoy a cup of this heavenly coffee. Enjoy an espresso, cappuccino, latte or just a plain cup of coffee. They describe themselves as more than just a cup of coffee, but a revolution to reclaim Africa’s coffee heritage. So you know that they will do all they can to produce a fine cuppa.

Country Living Cafe

This French styled cafe will offer you a delicious cup of coffee, mouth-watering piece of cake or a homely cooked meal. Country Living Cafe in Bryanston is not only a cafe but a small shop too. They have a constantly changing range of products including furniture, accessories and wrapped gifts. You will not be bored or lost for conversation in this cafe as there are so many lovely things to look at. Don’t be surprised if you walk out with a few added accessories for your home.

Green Bean Coffee

If you are interested in learning about the whole process of how coffee beans arrive in your cup, why not go out to the Green Bean Coffee Roastery at Casalinga in Muldersdrift. Here you are able to embark on a tour of the roastery as well as taste the different blends along the way. Green Bean Coffee is one of the few direct-to-consumer roasteries in Gauteng. They have a lovely coffee shop where you can enjoy your freshly grounded delicious coffee, as well as a shop to buy some beans to take home.

Petit Fours

For a lovely, elegant cup of coffee paired with a quaint petit four or scrumptious quiche, Petit Fours is the place. There are two branches in Joburg – one at Verdi Shopping Centre in Blackheath and one at Randridge Mall in Randpark Ridge. They have a selection of coffees and hot drinks as well as several smoothies. Not only is the food and coffee a treat but they also have a selection of decor on sale for a French addition to your home.

Cup Boutique Coffee Shop

Situated in the centre of Morningside Shopping Centre, Cup Boutique Coffee Shop is the perfect place to sip on a cuppa and watch the world go past. The decor comprises of mismatched tables and chairs, chandeliers and bright colours. The food menu is impressive, offering waffles to cheese cake to quiches. This coffee shop is definitely a good pitstop while shopping up a storm.

Munch Cafe

Nestled within a pretty little nursery, Munch Cafe in Parktown North is not your usual Joburg coffee shop. The calming surroundings give you a break from concrete buildings and hooting taxi’s. The coffee is high quality and the menu is full. Munch Cafe is a lovely place to sit and really enjoy your cup of coffee and catch up on some quality time with loved ones or with yourself.

Seattle Coffee Company

You will find branches of Seattle Coffee Company sprinkled all over Joburg. For a quick cup on the go, Seattle Coffee is the place to get it. They have a wide selection of coffees, lattes, cappuchinos, teas and hot chocolates, and they will make your cup to suit your tastes. Seattle Coffee is great to meet for a business meeting, interview, catch up session or to pop in for your morning energy.


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