Tra Amici: A pop up worth popping to

Fresh and delicious. Two words that so perfectly describe the food that you will get at Tra Amici.

Every Tuesday from 12pm-2pm, Tra Amici opens up a harvest table of delicious Italian grub that you absolutely have to try out. They are situated in Unit 2 at the Rosebank Fire Station, a newly opened location for them where they are now open Monday to Friday for breakfast and lunch.

I haven’t tried out their breakfast and lunches yet, but did make my way to their Tuesday pop up harvest table and was pleasantly surprised. A simple room with one big table in the middle holding the spread of freshly, homemade style Italian food. Lasagna, roast chicken, butternut, roasted potatoes, spinach tarts, salads and ready made panini’s. It is the type of food that your mom makes at home, the food that warms your belly just looking at it.

Before you walk in you pay R50 and get a box. You then take your box inside and fill it with as much as you want, and trust me you will want to throw in a little bit of everything into your box. Once your box is filled you are free to sit outside on one of the tables and enjoy your goodies or take it back to the office or whereever you are headed off to next. A great thing about the box is that it is microwave and oven friendly, so if you have any leftovers just pop the box into the oven and you’ve got yourself dinner!

Tra AmiciTra AmiciTra AmiciTra AmiciTra AmiciTra Amici



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