4 Reasons to Love Joburg City Festival

The Joburg CBD skylineShucks but Jozi is getting cooler by the day. The Joburg City Festival is proof of our ‘coolness’.

From 25-31 August (yes, that’s next week) the Joburg inner city is going to be a flurry of festival vibes and excitement. For the week there are going to be a series of events happening all over the city – something happening everyday, all day, and for every kind of taste.

There have already been a ton of blog posts about what to look out for at the Festival, so I’m not going to do that one, you can decide that for yourself. Make sure to check out the posts by 2summers (Insider Tips for Joburg City Festival), wiscellaneous (Joburg CBD is about to show off in a big way) and T and Serendipity (Top picks for Joburg City Festival). They have all analysed the program and picked out the ‘must do’ and ‘must see’ bits of the festival.

Here are my reasons why every Joburger needs to love the Joburg City Festival. And why you should all be planning on going to at least one of the events.

1. Something for Everyone

There is something for EVERYONE. Really, there is. From fashion and art to music, theatre, dance, film, food, comedy, architecture, heritage, sport, adventure and party. If you have a taste for shopping then go along to Market on Main or the Champagne and Cupcake Shopping Experience at 1886 Boutique Joburg. For those who are interested in something arty then check out Serial Monogamy at POPArt Theatre. Enjoy food explosions by the different restaurants in the city. Watch some street football…

The festival is seeking to appeal to all kinds of tastes – hippies, artsy folk, sporty peeps, foodies, hipsters, party animals, shopaholics and everyone in between. This is what Joburg is all about, being surrounded by a vast variety of people everyday. I love it!

2. Festival Vibes

I love anything that has the word ‘festival’ in the name. A festival comes with a very unique vibe. It’s fun. It’s lively.  It’s exciting. And you just can’t help but feel happy when you are  there. I’m expecting to feel all of these emotions when going to the festival events.

People from all works of life coming together to celebrate living in Joburg is reason enough to feel the festival vibes.

3. Tuk-tuks

I’ve been seeing tuks-tuks cruising all over Jozi for the last few months and have been dying to hop into one. They just look cool, such a fun way to get around Joburg. Once you’re in the city – either by driving in your own car, catching a bus or taking the Gautrain there are a few means of transport set up to take you around to the various event locations. So instead of you driving to each event, just hop onto either one of the Rea Vaya buses, local shuttles or a tuk-tuk.

To use a tuk-tuk you can buy a ‘4 x 2’ day ticket for R200, which entitles you to at least four trips between any stops in the city for two people on a specific day. Once you have a ticket, book your first departure point and time by phoning 073 083 6416 (tuk-tuks operate from 10:00 – 18:00 every day from 24 August – 1 September).

To use a shuttle you can buy a  ‘3 x 3’ day shuttle ticket for R150, which entitles you to at least three trips between any stops in the city for three people on a specific day. Once you have a ticket, book your first departure point and time by phoning 073 083 6416 (shuttle cars operate from 12:00 – 22:00 every day from 24 August – 1 September).

For more info on the festival transport click here.

4. It’s the place to be

The Joburg CBD is soon going to be ‘the place to be’. Actually it already is. The who’s who are already frequent visitors to the many clubs, restaurants, shops, coffee shops, markets, and other businesses that have set themselves up in town. It’s not just the hipsters that go…you’ll find all sorts walking the streets. And if you haven’t set foot on the Jozi inner city streets in a while, then the Joburg City Festival is for you.

The festival is about getting as many people back into the inner city as possible. It’s about showing Joburgers that we are reclaiming the inner city and making it a place to go to, to live in and to fall in love with. This is the biggest reason to love the Joburg City Festival – a celebration of living in a city as awesome as Joburg.

So let’s all embrace our city’s festival. Get involved, and have a good time. After all we all know that Joburgers know how to have a good time.

Download the full program for the festival here.

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