Stepping into the Countryside, without Stepping too Far

De Hoek Country Hotel

Living in Johannesburg, South Africa, means busy days, traffic, city lifestyles, bright lights and a diary that just doesn’t seem to clear. There is always so much to see and do in the city that one often forgets about its neighbouring areas. Whether you are visiting Johannesburg on a business trip for a few days, or you live in the metropolis, you must be sure to pencil in a weekend escape in that busy diary.

One of the many beautiful areas just outside of Johannesburg is Magaliesburg. Only an hour outside of both Johannesburg and Pretoria, you will feel like you are miles away from any kind of city life, and step right into a countryside atmosphere. I was lucky enough to go try out one of the more lavish hotels in the area, De Hoek Country Hotel, and was able to experience the classy side of Magaliesburg.

Read the full review of De Hoek Country Hotel that I wrote on Traveldudes, De Hoek Country Hotel: The Epitome of Class.

Here are a few photos of the beautiful hotel and glorious surroundings.

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