Who Wants to be a Tree-llianare with Greenpop

Trees in the Knysna Forest

I’ve always had hippy tendencies, they don’t always come out, but they are definitely there. I love nature, I’m generally quite chilled and live the ‘just go with it’ life motto pretty well. I also like tree’s…not the whole tree hugger love trees, but I know that they are pretty awesome and get sad when they get cut down.

So when I got approached by Greenpop to get involved in the ‘Who Wants to be a Tree-llionare Joburg Blogger Competition, I was pretty amped.

Who is Greenpop?

“Greenpop plants trees and invites everyone to join the treevolution, see inspiration instead of gloom in the green space and create innovative and sustainable solutions.”

They are basically a bunch of really awesome people who love planting trees and making sure to make a difference to the environment and its surrounding communities. They do this through tree planting projects, green events, education, social media, voluntourism and inspiring people to get involved, and start doing something to help the environment.

They are based in Cape Town but hoping to spread their reach and get as many people involved as possible – one tree at a time. Read more about them and the projects that they are involved in on their website.

So what’s this blogger competition?

In 2012 Greenpop launched the Trees for Zambia project. A 3 week tree planting event to inspire ongoing awareness about deforestation, climate change, tree planting, environmental sustainability and alternate energy sources. The don’t only go and plant thousands of trees in Zambia but go into the communities and educate the locals about sustainable living and making the necessary life changes to protect the future of their environment.

Check out the video from last year

The Who Wants to be a Tree-llionare blogger competition involves 5 Joburg bloggers competing for a free week at this years Trees for Zambia. A week where we get to get involved in the Trees for Zambia project – plant trees, attend educational workshops, enjoy the awesome music festival that corresponds with the project and experience the beautiful country of Zambia.

We are all raising trees through a GivenGain project and the blogger who raises the most trees will win the trip.

This is where I need YOU…I need help. I need all of you wonderful readers to donate a few trees on my project page. A tree costs R100, so if you can donate one that ‘s awesome, if you can donate 10 or more that’s even better.

Here is the link to my project page – http://www.givengain.com/activist/117275/projects/

Here are a few reasons why I would LOVE to go to Trees to Zambia this year

  • I want to go plant trees in Zambia.
  • I want to learn about how to live more sustain-ably…the Earth is changing, and I want to know how I can help look after it.
  • I love music, and there are really awesome musicians who get involved in this project and they have great parties (well that’s what they say at least).
  • All of the people who get involved in this project seem like awesome people to spend time with and get to know. Volunteers from all over the world come together and plant trees, spending a week with people from all over the world seems like a pretty awesome way to spend a week.
  • And lastly, I REALLY want to go see Victoria Falls. I have made a promise to myself that this year is ‘Africa Year’, I want to see as many African countries as I can, and Zambia would be an awesome country to tick off the list.

So please spread the love, and help a blogger out. There is also something in it for you, everyone who purchases a tree will be entered into a lottery to win a stay at Umlani Lodge for two days and two nights. This place looks amazing!

Here is the link to my GivenGain page again – http://www.givengain.com/activist/117275/projects/. Donations can be done within minutes. A quick and simple way to make a BIG change to the environment.

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