What to do in Irene

Irene Fence

There are many places around Gauteng that are full of rich cultural history, Irene can be seen as one of these places. A little town that still seems slightly behind in times, yet holds so much character.

Irene, located within Centurion, is the epitome of an old school farm village. It is famous for its cultural history of being home to General Jan Smuts in the early 1900s. The house is still standing, now a museum holding much cultural history of South Africa. Besides the cultural history of this area, it also holds such beautiful landscape. There are wide farmland areas full of green grass and outdoor smells.

Irene is an ideal family destination. Whether you are looking for a relaxing Sunday afternoon activity or for a more adventurous hike or bicycle trip, Irene could be the place. There are often things going on in the area, such as hiking trips, bird walks, dog walks as well as art fairs. Not to mention the market that happens every second Sunday. There will always be something for you to do.

When entering into Irene, there is no chance that you won’t feel at home. You get a sense of community among all the people living and working in the area. The community members are involved in their town and support each other, one thing that seems hard to find in our modern society.

Irene Farm

This picturesque farm is an absolute must to visit when going to Irene. The farm started in 1895 and still has an old-style feel yet modern in some aspects. When first entering you get the whiff of the good old farm smell, however it’s not too overbearing. You can take a stroll around the farm visiting the many cows, young and old. There is a lovely little pond with ducks and geese swimming around. Chickens roam free so beware of them running into your path. The grounds are lush with green grass and the most beautiful old trees.

Contact 012 667 2326


The Barn Restaurant

The Barn Restaurant is across from the Dairy Shop at Irene Farm. It gets its name as it is a renovated version of one of the original farm barns. The tables are laid out outside under the trees giving a tranquil feeling as you enjoy a delicious meal. The smells coming out of the kitchen are absolutely mouth-watering. They offer freshly prepared breakfasts and lunches, as well as an a la carte menu during the week and a Sunday lunch buffet.

Contact 012 667 4822


The Deck Restaurant

The Deck Restaurant is located just off the Dairy Shop at the Irene Farm. This restaurant provides more bistro type food with fresh breakfasts and lunches. This is where you go to enjoy a lighter meal while overlooking the farm. There is also a Sunday lunch buffet for a hot wholesome meal.

Contact 012 667 2326


Dairy Shop

This Dairy Shop is your typical farm-style shop. The shelves are loaded with fresh homemade cakes and biscuits, homemade chicken pies, rusks, jams, preservatives, sweets, chocolates, biltong, diary fresh ice-cream among many other delicious treats. You can stock up on fresh homemade goodies at a decent price, including of course fresh milk and eggs. The homemade pies are delicious; you can buy a few to enjoy picnic style on the grass outside. The shop operates on a cashless system, they accept all major debit and credit cards.

Contact 012 667 2326


Irene Country Lodge

The Irene Country Lodge is located just across the road from the Irene Farm. This luxury lodge is great to pop into whether you are planning to stay the night or even just for a drink at their ‘Lounge on the Lake’. The lodge has conference, wedding and spa facilities as well as a fine dining restaurant. It is set in the most beautiful landscape that will ensure you have a restful stay.

Contact 012 667 6464


Smuts House Museum

Smuts House Museum is the actual house of General Jan Smuts, which was first built in 1909. The inside of the house has been restored and set up to reflect the Smuts era. You are able to step back into the early 1900s and see how they would have lived during that time. Outside of the house there is Ouma’s Tea Garden, as well as the Place of Quiet, the Arboretum, and the Oubaas Trail. If you enjoy history then you should visit Smuts House Museum to learn a little taste of South Africa’s history.

Contract 011 316 1426


Irene Village Market

The Irene Village Market is held on the second and last Saturday of each month on the grounds of Smuts House Museum. This market is aimed to attract families from all across Pretoria and Johannesburg. Some of the products sold include art, candles, ceramics, jewellery, furniture, decor, gifts, as well as a wide selection of delicious foods. The market is open from 09:00 to 14:00, so go early to grab breakfast at one of the stalls then walk around and buy some of the many wonderful goodies.

Contact 012 667 1659

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