Food to Feed the Travel Bug

Live to eat, rather than eat to live. A saying that I’d admit to living too. A meal is something to be savored and enjoyed, rather than just eaten for the sake of it.

I’ve grown up in a family where food is something special, something to be enjoyed and something to be adventurous with. We are always trying out new recipes and exploring new tastes. It’s makes life a bit more exciting than the usual mac and cheese.

This adventurous foodie side of me has merged into my travel adventures. When going to a new place I always love to try out the food of the area. When at the coast, fish is always on the menu. When in Moz, prawns are a no brainer. And when I was travelling around Europe, each country was a food explosion, from pizza in Italy to pierogi in Poland.

Getting into the kitchens of the locals is always the best way to get involved with the local cuisine. Food is something that people from all cultures can relate to and share together. It brings people together in ways that not many other things can. Which is why it is so special. Some of the best memories can be made around the dinner table.

Portugal Food Travel & Stories

When I came across the Portugal Food Travel & Stories competition with Aptece I knew I had to enter. 16 days travelling around Portugal on a food tour! That sounds like my absolute heaven!

Firstly, Portugal!! This is the next European country on my bucklet list and I really can’t wait to visit.

Secondly, Portuguese food! Chicken, prawns, pregos…I do love Portuguese food. Although I do know that my knowledge of the vast array of Portuguese food doesn’t span much further than seafood, pregos and chicken. Which is why this trip will be amazing. I will get to try out all of their amazing (I’m pretty sure it is) food first hand, with the locals, in the country. Nothing better.

Here are some pics of when I went to Mozambique last year and had the most amazing culinary experience. Everything was absolutely delicious.


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