Reinvention of Work, Reinventing the Dream

Work. Meh. We all have to do it, it’s what fuels our lives – an important link in the chain of life. We work, we make money, we spend our money. And so the cycle goes.

Work can be such a mundane task. Day after day, sitting behind a desk, clicking away on the computer screen. All to go home, have a rest, and check that your alarm is set to wake you up from your dreams in the morning to do it all again. Click, click, click.

It’s an unfortunate reality that so many people live like this, myself included at the moment. We spend the majority of our time doing something that we really don’t enjoy. We clug away at the office, working long hours, and not really getting much satisfaction out of it. The monthly SMS from the bank signing the increase of funds even starts to lose its appeal. Is it worth it? 

Dreams that were once so clear slowly start to get more and more vivid. And more and more seemingly impossible.

Cancelling Dreams (Chris Devers / Flickr)

Cancelling Dreams (Chris Devers / Flickr)

I have always been a firm believer in doing what you love. You spend the majority of your time working, so it is important that you love it. I’m not naive in the fact that I know every dream job has its downsides. Not everyday will be perfect and not everything that you do will be amazing. But it needs to be amazing at least 80% of the time. You need to be able to push through those bad days by knowing that in the end it will all be worth it.

While I love giving out this advice, I’m the one not taking it. And I’m starting to realise how hard it really is to live out your dream. And have that dream job.

I’m at a point in my life where I need to move on to something more exciting, something that will challenge my creative side, something that I am in love with. I need to reinvent my work.

Get Ballsy

It’s time to do something ballsy. Possibly something rash. And definitely something risky. Take that teenage dream and merge it with something bigger and better. AND GO DO IT!

So what is this teenage dream?

I am a journalist at heart, I love telling stories. What I love most of all is getting out into the world and meeting the most amazing people and telling their story. Finding that something special in a person that is often skimmed past and finding the awesome in a forgotten place.

I also have very itchy feet, and a desire to collect as many stamps in my passport as possible. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to travel. I’ve dreamed of visiting all sorts of places and doing all sorts of adventures.

So, the dream is to merge these two together and become a travel journalist. Or even just a journalist that travels, I don’t necessarily have to always be writing about travel.

I would be doing what I love – travelling and writing. Living the dream.

The Dream

A lifestyle of hopping on planes, visiting exotic places, trying out all sorts of restaurants (even the fancy ones that put rocket on everything. I never could stand rocket), meeting strange and amazing people and just getting out there. Seeing the world. One adventure after another. And sharing all of these experiences and adventures with the world.

Sounds rather exhausting, but also pretty awesome.

Go somewhere

shelby Davis / Flickr

The Plan

I do kind of have an idea of a plan to get this dream off the ground. I’ve started making connections in the travel blogging community, have done a few freelance jobs around travel topics and have gone on a few trips and written about them. The dream has started, it now just needs a kick up the bum.

This blog post is for a blogathon hosted by Elance at The Common Room in Parkhurst. A group of bloggers and writers have all gathered for a night of blogging their hearts out. I came here hoping that I would be inspired to write more, and I certainly have. I have never written anything so personal on my blog before, and I think it may be that kick up the bum that I need. Since this is now on the internet and all…I have to do it 😉

So if my passport hasn’t collected anymore stamps by this time next year, please come and kick me up the bum!

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